I come from the beautiful National Park area Thayatal in the north of Lower Austria, more precisely in Merkersdorf (2082) . After my apprenticeship as a skilled agricultural worker, I started my apprenticeship as a taxidermist in Vienna in 2012. I completed this training in 2015 with the journeyman’s examination as a taxidermist.

The joy of nature and animals came to me at a young age. So I decided to take the hunting test and shortly afterwards the taxidermy training. During my apprenticeship I not only learned a lot about the native animals, but also got knowledge about various antelope species, as well as lions, bears and giraffes.

Your hunting trophy is in good hands with me, because I work with high-quality materials and let my passion for this profession flow in and I put my heart and soul into every animal.

In addition to mammals and birds, I also prepare reptiles and insects. Years of waiting do not speak for quality. With me you will receive your specimens in good workmanship and an appropriate waiting period to keep the experiences and memories of your hunt alive.

In addition to hunters, artists and other people interested in my work are also very welcome in my company.

I am happy to invite you to my showroom after prior contact. I am looking forward to your call.


Due to my agricultural activity, it may happen that I cannot be found on a visit without prior notification. I therefore ask you to contact me in advance so that I can guarantee processing without delay.


9 Years Experience
8 Years Own Workshop

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A word ...

Your hunting trophy is in good hands with me, because I work with high-quality materials and I let my passion for this profession flow into every animal.

Andreas Waller

Taxidermist / Founder
Animals in the showroom
Happy costumers
Animal species prepared


Short waiting times

Long waiting times are not a sign of quality.

High-quality materials

By carefully selecting my suppliers, I only use high-quality materials for your orders.

Brand-new animal forms

The dermoplastics for the preparation of animals are constantly evolving. I keep myself informed about new models and thus always stay up to date.


Trust is the most important element and basis of any collaboration – it is my top priority.

100% satisfaction

The comprehensive, personal consultation before ordering ensures that the customer will be satisfied with his piece.